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Millau is located right at the doors of the Tarn region. It offers a fantastic natural environment where all outdoor sports are possible. Millau is authentic. Come and discover a rich natural and cultural patrimony : glove and leather, cliffside villages, gastronomy and do not miss the famous Millau Viaduct. It is the place for a corporate events close to nature.

  • Discover the Tarn valley with " les Bateliers du Viaduc", admire the beautiful villages and taste the local delicious wine Côtes de Millau.
  • Share conviviality and happiness during the typical dinners out at Domaine du Moulin des Douzes where music and good regional food are honoured : aligot, farçous, pérail, fouace, gâteau à la broche.
  • Enjoy canyoning in the gorges du Tarn and la Dourbie, fun and vivifying.
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